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Great food is best enjoyed when you’re sharing it with the family. Many of us still prefer to come home to mum or dad’s delightful cooking and homemade specialties which we can never have anywhere else.

This is why we always look forward to the weekend when the family can enjoy the most special dishes made by mum or dad which we consider our ultimate comfort food. We always enjoy dining in the comforts of our own home and enjoy savoury specialties, from our favourite casserole, stews, pies, and even the richly flavoured decadent desserts that are usually served only in special occasions.

Even when we travel out of town, we still enjoy being gathered with the whole family for a delightful lunch or dinner especially when we’re sharing home-cooked dishes. And family feasts are even more exciting when outdoors.

For families holidaying on the sunny and beautiful town of Sunshine Coast, you can always find great reasons to enjoy a family feast especially because of the fine and gorgeous weather and the beautiful environment around.

An ideal place for families to lodge in, Endless Summer Resort provides a homely and comfortable holiday space for families, where they can also enjoy leisure and entertainment facilities.

Featuring a fully equipped kitchen in your own unit, you can easily enjoy all the homemade goodies that your family would love for lunch or dessert. If you want to enjoy an outdoor dining and prepare your grilled favourites, our Sunshine Coast Family Accommodation also features a barbecue area where you can enjoy a great feast with your family amidst the breathtaking surroundings.

You can also find bustling outdoor weekend markets nearby as well as a great selection of stores selling great food and the ingredients that you need to prepare your family’s favourite dishes.

Choose our Sunshine Coast Family Accommodation as your holiday residence on your next visit to the Sunshine Coast.

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