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The people who created vacations should be thanked enormously. Because of them, we get cool breaks from our stressful lives, may it be work, family, personal, and even all of them at the same time. But oftentimes, simply going on a holiday is not enough, because although these special days are beneficial emotionally and mentally, there are times when our bodies would yearn for more.

So on your next holiday, don’t spend big bucks for added services to soothe your weary body, but instead, be meticulous in choosing your apartment. Don’t just pick one that’s the cheapest, but take the time in considering the unit you’ll be staying in and the guest facilities it offers.

If your next getaway destination happens to be Coolum Beach, look no further because luck just found you. Why? Because there, amongst the tropical gardens of Sunshine Coast, nestles a Coolum holiday accommodation that has all your needs.

Endless Summer Resort will give you endless reasons why you’ll love your stay with us. For one, we boast of our Steam Room that is a perfect complement for your exciting and unforgettable vacation.

Steam Rooms like ours have tons of health benefits that you’ll thank us a hundred folds when you get back home. Steam Rooms ease tensions in the muscles due to the oils that fill the room. What’s more, the calming aroma also cures or prevents flu and clears the sinuses. The steam itself is great in destressing its users, as it also improves the metabolism, immune system, complexion, and even relieves someone of any injuries due to sports and eliminates toxins. Come in stressed and troubled, and get out feeling relaxed and at ease like you’re a whole new person.

Aside from a Steam Room, our resort has other health beneficial guest facilities that would add to the reasons on why you should choose us as your accommodation. We have a 25 metre lagoon style swimming pool for a full body exercise and a heated spa to improve your blood circulation and aid in easing your muscles. Then if you think it’s time for you to simply enjoy the moment, a mini golf course, games room, and barbecue area are also inside our vicinity and are always available for you to use.  

For booking information on our Coolum Sunshine Coast holiday apartments, visit http://endlesssummer.etourism.net.au/.


From $200* per night – Extra nights available!

*Standard booking conditions apply, not available during the school holidays or public holidays. Subject to availability. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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