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DIY tanning can be an easy yet complicated procedure to some. Oftentimes, failed attempts lead to terrible sunburns that take weeks to heal. While this is true for some doesn't mean it should be your reality. If you want to pursue your DIY tanning sessions while exploring the sweeping foreshores of Sunshine Coast, then go ahead. It helps to learn more about self-tanning before proceeding further.

First, exfoliate your skin. Remove dead skin cells by gently scrubbing your skin with a sponge. Waxing hairs is also recommended.

If you normally put on makeup or spritz body sprays, deodorants, and perfumes, then skip them all. It will not only give your skin a break, but it will also save you from running into some unpleasant skin reactions as these products contain chemicals that may have adverse effects when exposed to the sun.

Instead, replace your makeup regimen with sunscreen. Sun protection formula (SPF) lotions, hair conditioners, lip balms, and after-sun lotions are available in the market to help protect your skin and hair from the sun’s rays. Evenly apply these products onto your skin and hair a few minutes before heading out.

Also, staying outdoors beyond 10AM unprotected can result to really bad sunburns and worse, skin cancer. Ideally, a DIY tanning session should be limited to no longer than 20 minutes done repeatedly several times a week. If you find yourself staying outdoors for a much longer time, reapply your sunscreen lotion and cover up your body, especially your eyes with hats, shawls, eyeglasses, and an umbrella.

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